Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Broody No More!

the birthday party when the hens turned ONE last week

After almost a straight month of broodiness, Fluff (my Buff Orphington) decided to stop her imaginary incubating today. She spent the whole day wandering the yard with the other chickens and was my happy little "puppy" once more. I'm glad. Now she needs to get back to laying eggs for me. They say there are random ways to stop a broody hen (one example is dunking her in a vat of water to snap her out of it), but I thought for my first time with one, I would wait it out. One month was longer than I thought it would last, but it wasn't horrible. I'm sure Bowtie will be next with the mama mood, since Australorps also tend to go broody (thanks to their Orphington roots).

I think my favorite part about having hens is that they come running to me when I pop outside and they will follow me around and come when I snap my fingers. It really is kind of like having puppies (and, according to my husband, they poo all over the yard like puppies, too).

It's been very hot here, and the girls' favorite pastime is lounging in dirty places and open-mouth breathing. They are also fans of trying to sneak raspberries from our bushes and raiding any picnics we might have on the lawn.

Friday, July 5, 2013

July Chickens

Fluff is still broody, but there is hope on the horizon - yesterday she didn't head immediately back into the nesting box after I kicked her out. It's been almost two weeks of broodiness. 

Bowtie - the new queen hen?

all in a row


moody mama

Friday, June 21, 2013


Fluff has decided she wants to be a momma. Never mind that there is no rooster and she cannot become a momma, she is going to sit on those eggs (which are wooden) and try to hatch them. 

You can see the momma rage in her eyes - look out!

 I had to lock her out of the nest boxes so the others could lay their eggs. She was not amused.

Grumpy! And mean. I hope this phase is short-lived. She is normally our friendliest hen.

By the way - egg count is now 400!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring chickens get into the mud.

Egg Count: 275
The hens are happy the weather has turned. There was much grumbling when the snow was falling. Poor birdies. They have become quite yard wanderers and Fluff especially wants to head down the driveway to see the world. That is to be prevented at all costs :)




Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Egg #96: Extra Jumbo

That's right, we have been tallying up our eggs since Day 1, and we are at 96 since December 23rd. Not too shabby, right? My chickens are egg-laying machines! The best surprise came this morning though, when Fluff pushed out this super huge egg. It is literally the size of my palm. Ouch! I am curious how many yolks are in there, but I haven't cracked it open yet. We have yet to have a double-yolked egg, but I think this might be the one! I'll keep you posted.

Lucky #96
two hands for this egg!


Jumbo next to its inferior siblings
The hens are well despite the recent frigid conditions. They do all have a bit of comb frostbite, which makes me sad, but they are rallying their spirits in the (relatively) warmer weather.